Monday, August 14, 2023

"OpenAI Might Go Bankrupt by the End of 2024"

From Analytics India Magazine, August 10:

And why it would make sense for them to do it  

When OpenAI filed for a trademark on ‘GPT’, we called it the beginning of the end of OpenAI, saying that a lot of people might eventually stop using the technology and move away. The company never really won the trademark but there is clear evidence that a lot of people are moving away from its GPT products. 

To begin with, when ChatGPT website saw a user decline in June, when compared to May, it was asserted that it might be because students are out of school. On the other hand, it could also have been because ever since the company released the ChatGPT API for users, people started building their own bots, instead of using the original offering. 

By July end the user base of ChatGPT dropped even further. According to SimilarWeb, compared to 1.7 billion users in June, July saw a 12% decline month on month with 1.5 billion users. But even this does not include the API usage.

According to a user on X, a major reason for this decline may be API cannibalisation, which means that most of the companies are prohibiting their employees from using ChatGPT for work, but are allowing them to use the API to leverage the large language model (LLM) in different workflows. 

Well, there are other reasons...


As noted in the intro to August 6's "The ChatGPT revolution is another tech fantasy"

This stuff, chatbots and generative AI, is not the artificial intelligence that actually matters. What matters is the AI that's behind the scenes....

So what matters?

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