Sunday, January 10, 2021

Fancy Biology: "AquaGen questions need for warm seas salmon"

From Fish Farming Expert:

Salmon egg producer AquaGen has challenged the necessity for “climate-robust” salmon to be bred to compensate for rising sea temperatures, pointing out that its own research shows .

Last month Norwegian research institute Nofima published an article about trials that showed that salmon from the same families grew differently at high and low temperatures (17°C and 5°C), and that it is possible to breed against temperature sensitivity so that the salmon get good growth at different temperatures. 

However, AquaGen said its own data show that good growth is a property that salmon can have in all environments and under different temperature regimes.   

Many factors

“Growth in farmed fish is a trait that is affected by many genes and other factors, such as temperature, feed and feeding and health status,” wrote Trina Galloway, head of social contact and corporate social responsibility at AquaGen. 

“Increased growth reduces the production time for salmon and will have a positive effect on fish welfare because it reduces the time the fish spends in the sea phase and the associated risk of disease....