Sunday, October 4, 2020

"Study: Fecal transplant may one day be used to reverse cognitive decline"

[insert political joke here]

From UPI (also on blogroll at right):
New research suggests fecal transplants could one day be used to reverse the cognitive decline that comes with aging.

When researchers performed fecal transplants from older to younger mice, they found the recipients suffered declines in spatial learning and memory. Scientists published the results of their experiments this week in the journal Microbiome.

The authors of the new study suggest a similar transplantation from young to old mice could potentially reverse the cognitive decline.

"Aging is an inevitable process that starts immediately after birth and ultimately leads to physical health problems as well as a decline in psychological well-being and cognitive function," study co-author David Vauzour said in a news release....MORE

Meanwhile in France, a non-Mssr. Poopyhead approach to dementia.
From the New York Post:

Inside the village for Alzheimer’s patients where residents can shop and socialize
DAX, France – Residents of the purpose-built village near Dax in southwestern France shop for groceries, get pampered at the hair salon and enjoy music recitals just like anyone else.
But this is no ordinary gated community – each of its 105 permanent residents has Alzheimer’s disease.

The village offers the care of a nursing home in an environment dressed up as the outside world to soften any sense of painful rupture with the past, preserving a measure of autonomy and daily routine that may help slow the advance of dementia.

Madeleine Elissalde, 82, was among the first to move in when the village, the first in France and modeled on one in the Netherlands, opened in June. She says she likes the surrounding countryside and the shared house she lives in....MORE
Back in May one of the best coronavirus stories to that date, also in France, was also caught by the NYPost:
Meanwhile In France: Nursing Home Staff Who Locked Themselves In With Their Residents Emerge With ZERO Covid-19 Deaths