Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Agricultural Commodities: "Entire West Coast Marijuana Crop Threatened By Fire, Smoke, and Ash"

 The cartels smile.

From SFist, October 6:

In not just California, but Oregon and Washington too, where even cannabis plants that are hundreds of miles from the fires suffer smoke damage that renders the pot unsmokable.

Back in the ‘old’ days of the 2017, 2018, and 2019 wildfires, the destruction and heartbreak for the legal cannabis industry was seeing acres of cannabis fields burn down across the storied ganja grasslands of northern California. But a new 2020 phenomenon makes that previous loss of chronic crop seem quaint. This year’s record-setting four million acres of land burned and resulting horrible, smoky conditions are killing off cannabis plants hundreds of miles away from the fires. 

Here in San Francisco, even if you just had a potted backyard marijuana plant for your personal use, the infamous September 9 “orange sky” brought smoke damage that may have choked your plant, or blocked the sun to allow mold to form on your primo buds. And that from a fire that was least 60 miles away....  


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Forbes was looking at the possibilities a month ago:
Why No Cash Crop Is More Vulnerable To California Wildfires Than Cannabis