Thursday, January 3, 2019

Apple: Markets Live's Bryce Elder Has A Theory (also, Izabella pops in) AAPL

From FT Alphaville's Markets Live:
BE Morning.
Blackbag99 morning
Tony Scott morning
Manxish Hello everyone
BE This is Markets Live, FT Alphaville's incremental addition to the avalanche of comment on a bloody single-product toy maker.
So give me a moment here for my theory.

BE 1. China's not like anywhere else.
BE Because of WeChat.
A. M. so, once upon a time, a shiny apple i-thingy was an object of 
conspicuous consumption. 
What has replaced it?
BE And WeChat's platform agnostic. The barriers to moving from iPhone to 
whatever thing the Chinese government is covertly funding are 
much lower to the Chinese consumer.
TheThunderer The Canada Goose jacket.

BE In near enough every other market, iMessage forms a network effect that's a barrier 
to moving away from Apple. The company is holding your friends and family 
to ransom, kinda.
Curious weChat offers more than just chat though, more of a broad service
rw42 I'm currently weighing up the likelihood of bricking my S6 by replacing it's battery 
versus the cost of a new phone..
IK Good theory bryce.
Irish HF guy @VV75 wechat is what's app in China. 
What's app not allowed, as with FB, Google etc
IK Small flyby...

Excel Developer Bryce has a helper! Hello Izzy.
Tom Dalgleish how does wechat obviate the hardware?
BE Oh, hello Iz. It's been a while since this was a dialogue.

BE Your thoughts?
VV75 @Irish, yes but I was referring to BE's talk of us westerners only using IM
Irish HF guy Welcome back Izzy !
IK On Apple? I'm afraid I am totally unaware of anything these days. 
Working hard to improve this. All I know is that there is great demand for my iPhone6s 
from my 11 month old.
IK She likes to bang it on the table

IK But I sense she is also brand agnostic