Friday, January 25, 2019

Another MAJOR Eruption at Manam Volcano

Following up on Wednesday's "Volcanoes, January 23: Popo Pops, Manam Motu Could Get Serious":
[re:  Popocatepetl] This type of eruption, though dramatic and possibly dangerous is not the kind of weather-changer we keep watch for:....

[re: Manam].... This on the other hand, if it continues, can inject the sulfur aerosols into the stratosphere and mess things up in a big way. From Volcano Discovery:
Manam volcano
Manam Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: CONTINUOUS VA TO FL500 MOV W OBS VA DTG: 23/1330Z to 50000 ft (15200 m)
Wednesday Jan 23, 2019 13:30 PM | BY: VN
From Papua New Guinea's Post-Courier:
January 25, 2019
More than 2000 Manam Islanders are at risk after their volcanic island roared to life in the past 24 hours.
Communication to the island was cut when the only Digicel tower was toppled by volcanic activity, the Manam Resettlement Authority reported last night.
The MRA reported ‘‘continuous eruptions for 24 hours as of 1 pm yesterday (Wednesday).’’
The MRA noted very high temperatures caused by activity and that ‘‘water sources and food gardens completely destroyed’’....MORE
This one got the ash up to 55,000 feet. 
At Volcano Discovery:
Thursday Jan 24, 2019 21:00 PM  
Manam (Papua New Guinea): Another violent eruptive phase (a paroxysm) is occurring at the volcano. It is already the second such eruption this year after the last one had ended on 11 Jan. VAAC Darwin reported ash plumes rising as high as 55,000 ft (approx. 17 km), which marks it as a very significant event.
The eruption is characterized by intense lava fountaining generating a tall ash plume. It has already lasted more than 24 hours, residents reported earlier today. Whether there are also lava flows and/or pyroclastic flows (avalanches of hot ashes and debris) is unclear.
... [read more]