Thursday, January 3, 2019

Apple in China: Sometimes Goldman Nails It (AAPL)

I didn't see this at the time, we don't do much with Apple except for it's inclusion in the big three U.S. indices: DJIA, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq (also the Naz 100 for more concentrated stuff).
But, pretty good call, see for yourself.
From MarketWatch October 15:

Apple’s earnings could be hit by weak demand in China, Goldman warns
Economic woes in China could hamper iPhone demand, says Goldman
Macroeconomic conditions in China could hurt demand for new iPhones, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall.

Hall wrote in a note to clients Sunday that he sees “multiple signs of rapidly slowing consumer demand in China,” which may affect Apple Inc.’s results. If weak consumer demand continues and affects the higher end of the smartphone market, he said, Apple AAPL, -9.13%  could have trouble beating Wall Street’s earnings expectations.

In particular, Hall worries that Apple’s December-quarter earnings outlook might disappoint, as he expects that the company could deliver a conservative forecast while it looks for a better read on conditions in the China market. The smartphone maker reports September-quarter results on Nov. 1 and is expected to provide commentary on the China market during its earnings call....MORE
ZeroHedge led the Oct. 15 story with:
It's not just auto sales that are tumbling in China: according to Goldman there are "multiple signs" of rapidly slowing consumer demand in China across all products.

While this would have a dramatic impact on China's economy, which as we noted recently has been manipulating official data to represent solid industrial profit growth even as individual companies have indicted that profits have been shrinking sharply in recent months......MORE
So, that's a no on the thousand dollar cell phone ma'am? Have you seen the Huawei Honor?
90% of the performance, less than half the price. Let me show you a couple...
Says the smooth talking salesman.