Monday, March 12, 2018

SpaceX: "How Not To Land An Orbital Rocket Booster"

From SpaceX:
That video was posted September 14, 2017.
On February 6, 2018 SpaceX did this (wait for it):
This little stroll down memory lane was triggered by the release, earlier today of another video.

Relive the Historic SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch with 'Starman' in This Inspiring Video
SpaceX has released a tear-jerking new video of the historic first flight of its Falcon Heavy rocket, which launched Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster and a dummy named Starman on a journey into the solar system on Feb. 6.

Set to David Bowie's 1971 hit "Life on Mars," the video chronicles Starman's journey into space, starting from SpaceX's Horizontal Integration Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the cherry-red electric car and its passenger were packed inside the rocket's payload fairing. The video shows the enormous rocket rolling out to the launchpad and blasting off into space, where live views of Starman were beamed down to Earth. [In Photos: SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Success!]...
...MORE, including the vid.