Friday, March 16, 2018

“A Brief History of Attempted Russian Assassinations by Poison”

Is anyone else struck by the fact the spies and/or intelligence assets being killed and injured in England are suffering at the hands of some demented version of Wile E Coyote testing various products from the loony labs at the Acme Corporation?

Via Foreign Policy:
A Brief History of Attempted Russian Assassinations by Poison
  • Skripal by nerve gas
  • Litvinenko by polonium
  • Kara-Murza poisoned not once, but TWICE, by an unknown poison! (now known as Rasputin Jr.)
  • Markov poisoned by ricin and the Bulgarians with “speculated KGB assistance”
  • Khattab by sarin or a sarin-derivative
  • Yushchenko by dioxin
  • Perepilichny by “a rare, toxic flower, gelsemium”
  • Moskalenko by mercury
  • Politkovskaya who was shot, but who once felt “ill after drinking some tea that she believed contained poison


These are some of the most convoluted schemes you could think of. If it wasn't for the fact people are actually dying it would be a cartoon parody of the way things are done in the real world.

Next up, auto-erotic asphyxiation Acme style:

Oh hell, it's been done:
MI6 dirty secrets.. why do sex games appear to feature in so many spy deaths?
Disposing of an enemy and making it look like a perverted fantasy gone wrong is in the training manuals of every spy agency from MI6 to Mossad
Daily Mirror. May 5, 2012