Tuesday, November 7, 2017

SoftBank Increases Vision Fund Size

If they go ahead with the plan to take Prince Al-Waleed stuff the Saudi government could maybe chip in a bit more today than yesterday.
From Axios:
Japan's SoftBank Group today released its latest quarterly earnings, which included a note that its tech-focused Vision Fund had secured $97.7 billion in commitments through the end of September.

That's up from the $93.2 billion first close announced in May, and comes just weeks before SVF is slated to hold its final close on at least $100 billion. It appears that the extra $4.5 billion between May and September all came from the parent company....

We probably won't be adopting the Axios 'keep reading' jump, it just sounds a bit too much like German comic Klaus Meyers' ”Take my wife,”
”I command you.”

Ah, Teutonic humor.