Friday, November 3, 2017

Alphaville's Kadhim Shubber's Damp Nightmare May Be Over (plus tchotchkes)

We've mentioned Mr. Shubber's trials and tribulations with Google Maps, specifically their propensity to send him to the middle of the Thames:

October 17
Just Say No To Nudge: "Google Maps is removing a feature that told you how many 'mini cupcakes' you'd burn if you walked." 

Frankly, the GOOG would be better off if they quit trying to direct Alphaville's Kadhim Shubber to travel the middle of the Thames and let him get back to his doggy-bloggy twitter goodness. See below....
Well, here's the latest on mappage (at least until Brexit).
From the Daily Kanban,, Oct. 27:

Good-bye Google: EU-Japanese dynamic mapping partnership emerge
Rumors of Germany’s digital mapping giant HERE seeking an intimate relationship with Japan’s Dynamic Map Platform Co.  have been thick for about a year. Today, the romancing couple did not quite go all the way, but it definitely went to second base. Meanwhile, Google’s importance in the automotive space shrinks to wallflower format.

In a small meeting room at Tokyo’s Daiba Hilton, Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE, and Isao Iguchi, Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Electric, shook hands for the cameramen, and announced their “intention to link their technologies for autonomous vehicles into a powerful integrated offering for automakers.” Mitsubishi Electric is a prominent DMP shareholder....MORE
Back to Mr. Shubber, he went to the UK Tech Awards last night: