Monday, October 16, 2017

Ophelia: First Deaths


From the Irish Independent:
Storm Ophelia claims first victims as woman killed by falling tree; man killed using chainsaw
Hurricane Ophelia: Latest updates as worst storm to hit Ireland in more than 50 years lands
In Pictures: 16 of the most dramatic shots as Storm Ophelia hits Ireland
Roof of Cork City's football stadium blows off... the day before Cork hoped to lift title
Ophelia Nationwide: Fallen trees, flying debris and no electricity - regional updates
From yesterday's "As Hurricane Ophelia Continues On Track to Ireland and Scotland, A Quick Look Back At The Great Storm of October 15-16, 1987":
It seems that trees loom large in the collective memory.
Almost every account mentions the trees. Gorleston Norfolk had a 122 mph wind gust. Here's Norwich's Eastern Daily Press in 2012:

With an estimated 15 million trees blown down by gales of over 90mph in the south-east of England, the timber market was all of a sudden flushed with stock that threatened to see the trade’s worth plummet.
And those were just the words.
The pics are...amazing....