Friday, October 6, 2017

"Facebook can unlock your account with facial recognition" (FB; GOOG)

As mentioned in the outro from Wednesday's "What Google Says It Is Using Artificial Intelligence For: An Interview With the CEO (GOOG)" giant databases of images are treasure to machine learning AI.
This is one area where Facebook has an edge on the GOOG.

And if they can get you to work as an unpaid pic identifier all the better. Remember Google's picture captchas?  We can now identify a road in the pictcha.
Thank you very much.

From TechCrunch, Sept. 29:
Facebook has its own version of Apple’s Face ID. If you get locked out of your Facebook account, the company is testing a way to regain access by using your face to verify your identity. That could be especially useful if you’re somewhere that you can’t receive two-factor authentication SMS, like on a plane or while traveling abroad, or if you lose access to your email account.
Social media researcher Devesh Logendran (a pseudonym) sent a screenshot of the feature to TNW’s Matt Navarra. We asked Facebook about it and got this confirmation:

“We are testing a new feature for people who want to quickly and easily verify account ownership during the account recovery process. This optional feature is available only on devices you’ve already used to log in. It is another step, alongside two-factor authentication via SMS, that were taking to make sure account owners can confirm their identity.”

If the feature proves reliably helpful to users and isn’t fooled by hackers, Facebook could potentially roll it out to more people.

Over the years Facebook has tried a number of novel ways to help you get back into a locked account. In some cases it asks you to identify photos of your friends to prove you’re you....MORE