Sunday, December 4, 2016

There Appears To Be a Lovefest Going On at Ft Alphaville

Keep in mind these are Financial Times readers, not Teen Beat or J-17 or Sugar or somesuch.

Just look at these comments:
senatus populusque 3 days ago
Kudos to this newspaper for allowing your work to flourish. We need antidotes to group-think 

Izabella Kaminska FT 3 days ago
 @senatus populusque

CThwaites 3 days ago
@Izabella Kaminska @senatus populusque
Yes, keep at it. 

HDA 3days ago
Hear Hear. IK at her best and her best is very good indeed. Thank you 

No. 5011348 3 days ago
Great piece. Great work by NC also.

ResilienceEconomist 3 days ago
Your unashamedly intelligent and independent-minded writing keeps my faith in journalism alive.

Lemmy 3 days ago
Thought-provoking as ever. 

willosaurus 3 days ago

Ubique 3 days ago
Outstanding journalism. Detailed, fact based reporting informed by political reality and human empathy. Thank you Ms Kaminska 

Anon 3 days ago
This is a great piece. Brilliant work. 

Olibee 3 days ago
Fantastic article - thank you so much (also for the link to Naked Capitalism). Keep it up!

LoggedOut 3 days ago
As a middle-ager, I've always hated being disrupted and fail to understand how now it's seen as a positive term. Great article!

lxduende 3 days ago
Kudos to linking to Naked Capitalism.

HisDudeness 3 days ago
Great stuff IK. Thanks. 

Grant 1 day ago
Finally, somebody is doing their job in calling out the unicorns for what they are: all style and no substance. Thank you

I've never seen anything like it. There were maybe four negative leavings among the 70 or so listed.

And this is a post about a taxicab unicorn.
The taxi unicorn’s new clothes

It got to be so overwhelming going through the comments, one after another that, I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I thought of this from one of our posts a year ago:
The internet has some odd offerings when you ask it for "Unicorn orgy".