Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So There I Was, Pontificating On French Non-farm Payrolls...

They'd come in at up 0.3% quarter-on-quarter which I thought was pretty strong, a new record 16.07 million employed, etc. when I was asked about French farm payrolls.
I said I didn't have the numbers right to hand but since it was dependent on the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, and the CAP hadn't changed...

That was last Thursday.

This morning I am greeted by this in one of the in-boxes:

"Bone up on your French farm payrolls employment."

French Farmers Strike Sultry Poses with Their Animals in This 2017 Calendar
Traditionally, farming isn’t a totally glamorous career. Farm life is full of long hours and all sorts of chores that involve getting really, really dirty. But French photographer Fred Gouton sees farming in quite a different light, and decided to make French farmers the subject of his 2017 calendar....MORE

I have some co-workers with too much time on their hands, a few of whom may not be included in next month's payroll numbers.