Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Google is spinning off its self-driving car program into a new company called Waymo (GOOG)

From The Verge:
Today, Google announced that it would be spinning off its six-year-old self-driving project into a standalone business called Waymo, which stands for “a new way forward in mobility,” according to John Krafcik, the CEO of the new company. 
It was previously reported that Google would be dropping its plan to build its own vehicle without steering wheels and pedals, instead focusing on creating the self-driving technology that can be installed in third-party vehicles. 
Which isn’t to say the company isn’t completely abandoning its dream of a fully driverless car without traditional controls. Krafcik revealed that in October 2015, one of Google’s full autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals drove around on public roads in Austin, Texas. 
We'll be back to The Verge in a bit.