Saturday, October 1, 2016

Street Art: There Are Murals and then There Are MURALS!

This will be the last of the artsy stuff for today.
From The Creators Project:
What is "French" sits at an endless juncture between art, cinema, and food, all filled with celebrated motifs and faces that are instantly recognizable, even by tourists. From movie stars dining and puffing on cigarettes al fresco, to Renaissance thinkers peeking out from multi-level building windows, street muralist Patrick Commecy pollinates French cities with cultural creations.
 Porte d'Aurec
Every mural begins with his artistic vision, which is then carried out with the help of a team of detail-minded artists. The muralist helms the company A.Fresco, which has emblazoned its classically graceful public works across schools, indoor pools, and many other community spaces.

Done in the artist's style, A.Fresco’s most recent work features a set visuals ripped from a history book: Renaissance icons populate a building in Salon-de-Provence, their lushly-garbed forms straining out from windows. Commecy and his team treat the building's expansive side to the prophetic faces of the French Renaissance, one of which is author, physician, and future-teller, Nostradamus.

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 Café Reynaud