Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Climateer Line of the Day: Salesforce Loves Twitter Edition (CRM; TWTR)

Today's winner of the prestigious CLoD is Mizuho Securities:
“we think any deal“ (with $TWTR) will likely destroy $12-$17 bln (20-25% of $CRM value).”
Alright, we'll put you down as a no.

This comes to us from The Fly at iBankcoin who also has some thoughts:
"I think the CEO of Salesforce, M. Benioff, has finally lost his marbles. For years he’s been saying and doing stupid shit. By acquiring Twitter, he will obtain the crown jewel of stupid shit, effectively plunging his shareholders into red hell — as he tries to sort out the fuckery that Jack built. It’d be a truly horrible deal."
So, in the no camp as well?