Monday, August 1, 2016

Wikipedia is Pivoting Into News With its Redesigned Android App

From The Next Web:
Wikipedia is getting a fresh new look on Android and set of features, following up on an update to the iOS app a few months ago.

The main screen of the app now shows you an ‘explore’ feed which will recommend photos, articles and other content based on your previous reads and current events.  The feed is divided into Google Now like cards depending on the type of suggestion. Some highlights
  • “In the news” occupies the top of of your feed. As you’d expect, it includes new or updated articles based on current news
  • ‘Trending articles’ includes the five most popular articles of the day
  • ‘Featured article’ is a piece handpicked by Wikipedia editors on a daily basis.
  • ‘Because you read’ is based on your previous interests
  • ‘Continue reading’ to follow up on unfinished articles
  • And ‘Randomizer’ for whatever the random number generator feels like throwing at you
  • Picture of the day, for… a photo of the day

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