Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Traders gonna trade, trade, trade: Taylor Swift is the biggest guilty pleasure for bankers, according to new research

From City AM:
When it comes to guilty pleasures, City boys can't get enough of Taylor Swift.

Does Barclays chairman John McFarlane sing along to Dear John behind closed doors? Perhaps. PwC's Andrew Sentance may be a secret rock god, but bankers are all about the pop charts: Swift's number one hit Shake it Off has been named the secret song of choice for bankers.

When share prices are tumbling, only the melancholic sounds of Adele will sooth financiers' souls: the multi-award winning singer is the artist most listened to while bankers are on their phones. Meanwhile, trendy shop assistants plump for the late secret economist David Bowie.

But the high-octane environments of shops and Canary Wharf's banking giants call for something more upbeat in moments when they can be sure no one else is listening in - both named Shake it Off as their favourite guilty pleasure.

Nearly one in five admitted they’ve turned down the volume of their phones while music was playing so other people couldn't tell what they were listening to....MORE
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