Thursday, June 9, 2016

For the Nerd Who Has Everything: Vitruvian Man Action Figure

Once seen, it cannot be unseen.
From RocketNews24 (Japan) June 1:

We finally find out when we can get our hands on that brilliant Vitruvian Man figure
What began in 1490 will finally sit on our desk in 2016. In February, RocketNews24 brought you news of a fully poseable eight-limbed action figure of the Vitruvian Man by Figma. Their toys have numerous points of articulation meaning that you can put Leonardo’s ideal man in all sorts of “compromising” positions.
▼ Check out these ideal human proportions!
man 1

▼ Forget Spider-man; we have the Man-spider!
man 3


HT (I think) Neatorama