Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ahead of Today's Retail Sales Report, A Tip From a Pro

A couple day's ago Marc to Market's Marc Chandler dropped this tidbit as part of a larger "" post

Retail Sales
  • Watch Tuesday’s retail sales report from the Commerce Department to see if better consumer spending extended into May. Retail spending in April increased 1.3%, the fastest pace in more than a year. Continued momentum would reinforce the view that economic growth is accelerating during the second quarter. Consumer spending accounts about two-thirds of economic output.
Here's this morning's MtM morning post: "".
And from Econoday via Bloomberg:
Retail Sales  

Released On 6/14/2016 8:30:00 AM For May, 2016

PriorConsensusConsensus Range
Retail Sales - M/M change1.3 %  0.3 %0.2 % to 0.6 %
Retail Sales less autos - M/M change0.8 %  0.4 %0.2 % to 0.6 %
Less Autos & Gas - M/M Change0.6 %   0.3 %0.0 % to 0.4 %
Recent History Of This Indicator
Retail sales surged in April and first signaled what turned out to be strong overall results for the month's total data on consumer spending. The signal from May retail sales, however, is expected to less robust. Unit auto sales in May, though at a solid level, were flat compared to April though gasoline sales are certain to get a boost from another monthly climb in prices. The consensus gain for the overall headline is 0.3 percent with ex-auto sales at plus 0.4 percent. Core results, that is ex-auto ex-gas sales, have been very solid this year and a 0.3 percent gain is expected for May. Nonstore retailers, reflecting ecommerce sales, have been very strong this year as have sales at furniture stores and health & personal care stores.