Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cassandra Comments On Pershing Square's Bill Ackman (VRX)

From Cassandra Does Tokyo:
So Long Pershing Square 
Farewell then
Bill Ackman,
"Activist investor".

You made
a few good trades,
and a couple of friends
along the way
(like Ezra Mirkin,
and some guy you met
in a cab).

You also made
some stinkers,
and a bushelful-o'-enemies -
on The Street,
in Congress,
at the SEC,
and the DOJ
(to name a few).

Back in 2013 she was less into free verse and more into Eastern stylings (although not 5-7-5):
Cassandra Does Short Form Market Commentary 


Got any Gold? I do...
Glass is always half-empty
The game's frickin' rigged

The only time I really disagreed with her was when she liked the gold miners waay early (Mar. 2013):

Cassandra Likes Gold Miners (XAU; GDX; HUI)
Cassandra's fate was to foresee the future but have no one believe her.
She was also the second most beautiful woman in the world and deranged....

....Here's Cassie after taking the dive into Vancouver- listed Canadian juniors:

Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan
(1898, London); Cassandra in front 
of the burning city of Troy
at the peak of her insanity

Funny thing about "junior mining companies",
they do no mining.
Stick with quality if you hear the siren song.
Or rig the market.

On the other hand the links in "Cassandra Does Alt Investing the CalPERS Way" and "Cassandra's Bitcoin Haikus" are genius.