Thursday, December 10, 2015

As We Await the 2015 First Round Capital Holiday Video...

Since 2008 First Round Capital has put out a video holiday card and assuming this year would be no different I've waited for the 2015 iteration.

Coming into the homestretch before the holidays First Round has not posted anything.

So. as a placeholder, here's a repost of 2012's
 brilliance, First Round and their client companies showing off their cover of Call Me Maybe/Gangnam Style:

The original tip that 2012 was out came from the When in Finance Tumblr.

And, as Skirt at When in Finance said, "Wow".
(I assume it's Skirt, it's her blog and I see no other credit or HT)

And yes, First Round is a real firm.
We knew them through one of their portfolio companies, Google Ventures-backed The Climate Corporation
(née WeatherBill)