Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Iranian State TV Uses Still From ‘Day After Tomorrow’ In Story About Sandy"

From Gawker:

Twitter was not the only source of fake photos of Sandy hitting New York City. The state-owned Iranian news agency Press TV used a still from Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle The Day After to accompany an article about Sandy’s affect on the presidential elections today. They wish....MORE
(Gawker links but doesn't attribute the story to Foreign Policy's Passport blog)

This is not like the Iranian leadership we've come to know and love..

Back in 2008 we posted "Oil: Iran has Photoshop, not afraid to use it". The government, in order to shake the war-monger stick by showing off their new rocketry published this picture:


One problem.
The rocket 3rd from the left is an obvious fake and as soon as this was brought to their attention the Ayatollahs acknowledged the fact and published the pictures of the actual missile test::

 Don't fear the reaper.
Credit: Cowicide