Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cassandra's (Not so) Golden Rules About Investing (And Not Investing)

We haven't visited Cassandra in a while, here's the latest.
From Cassandra Does Tokyo:
Trolling the blogosphere, it seems to be the season for sharing one's so-called Golden Rules of Investing. So here goes.....

Cassandra's 25-3/4 (or so) Tungsten-Filled Golden Rules          
#25-3/4. Do as I do - not as I say - but do it without delay! (NB: 13F-HR's are too late!)  
#25-1/2. The trend is your friend....errrr....ummm.....except when its not.  
#25-1/4. Whatever kind of metaphorical market animal you are (bull, coq, chicken, weasel, whatever), always remember that Pigs Get Slaughtered.
#25. Buy "The Best of Breed" companies.....unless they are priced at levels preceding the moment when Pigs Get Slaughtered, or when the trend is not your friend, or I am saying the opposite of what I am doing.   
#24. NEVER short "Best of Breed" companies...except when Pigs Are Getting Systematically Slaughtered in other "Best of Breed" companies (but don't get piggy puking out the pigs). 
#23. Cut your losses short and let your winners ride - but not when pigs are getting slaughtered 
#22. No one ever made a dime by panicking ... unless apparently you're following the previous rule #23 which says you should cut your losses short and let your winners ride.
#21. NEVER double-down (except when you have material non-public information and deep pockets) or if you're Ed Thorp, or if you're playing at The Martingale Room.