Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Follow up: The Old Age Pensioners Who Kidnapped and Tortured Their Financial Advisor Were Given Jail Time

I had completely forgotten this story:

June 23, 2009
German pensioners ‘kidnap and torture their investment adviser’

A reader emails the rest of the story via Glasgow's Daily Record:

Mar. 24, 2010
Sadistic German OAPs jailed for kidnapping and torturing financial adviser
A GANG of sadistic German pensioners have been handed jail terms for kidnapping their financial adviser and torturing him in a cellar for four days.

Victim James Amburn blew the four wealthy OAPs' £2.3million savings on the US sub-prime mortgage market.

And in a bizarre caper that left police astonished, the elderly plotters snatched him off the street and threw him into a specially prepared dungeon in a bid to force him to pay back the cash.

The kidnappers:
WHACKED Amburn over the head with a ZIMMER FRAME and stuffed him in a cardboard box;
WRAPPED him in duct tape until he "looked like a mummy" after stopping to get their breath back;
BUNDLED him into a car boot and took him 300 miles to a secret prison at a holiday beauty spot;
STRIPPED him naked, burned him with cigarettes and chained him up "like an animal", and;
SMASHED his ribs with a chair leg before 40 police commandos stormed the house and saved him.

"The fear of death was indescribable," Amburn told the plotters' trial. "I didn't know if night was day or day was night. I never thought I'd make it out alive."

The ringleader of the gang, Ronald Koenig, 74, was jailed for six years yesterday in Traunstein, where Pope Benedict grew up.

Koenig's sidekick, Willy Dehmer, 60, got four years. Koenig's wife Sieglinde, 79, got 21 months and doctor Iris Fell, 63, got 18 months. The women's sentences were suspended....MORE