Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Earnings: Goldman Smashes Expectations, Probably Won't Be Going Private (GS)

On June 25 we posted "Time For Goldman to Go Private (GS)" suggesting that, at $90.95, the firm should go private and capture some of their $124 per share in tangible book value.
Oh well.
In late pre-market trade the stock is up $2.18 at $99.86
From the WSJ's Deal Journal:
Goldman Smashes Expectations But Gets a Bit Less Risky
Goldman Sachs walloped consensus second-quarter profit estimates and nearly matched year-earlier earnings even as CEO Lloyd Blankfein notes “market conditions deteriorated and activity levels” fell amid Europe’s turmoil and ongoing global-growth concerns.

Analysts had rushed in recent weeks to outdo themselves in slashing Goldman earnings estimates, many of them coming in well below a dollar a share.

Profit fell 11% to $1.78 a share compared to the analyst consensus of $1.16 a share....MORE