Friday, July 13, 2012

Billionaire Vinik Buying into Bakken Play Continental Resources (CLR)

Mr. Vinik (Tampa Bay Lightning, Liverpool Football Club) is probably best known for barely beating the S&P when he was at Fidelity Magellan (83.70% to 77.79%/4 years).
He left and started showing off. Tampa Bay Times: 
Who is Jeff Vinik?
Best known for managing the Fidelity Magellan mutual fund in the early 1990s. … After an ill-timed move out of stocks, he left Magellan in 1996, starting a highly successful hedge fund with Vinik Asset Management. He made investors a reported 93.8 percent return in his first 11 months (and about 50 percent a year for each of the three years after that). … At the end of 2000, he returned investors about $4.2 billion and concentrated on his own portfolio. ...
Here's the latest, from Insider Monkey:
Vinik Asset Management, a $7.7 billion fund managed by Jeffrey Vinik, more than tripled its position in Continental Resources (CLR) in the first quarter of 2012 and had over 2.1 million shares of the company on March 31st, making it the fourth largest holding in his portfolio (see Vinik’s other stock picks).  Continental’s stock has dropped 26% since the end of April (though it is only down 5% on the year), so Vinik has likely lost quite a bit ofmoney in this stock....MORE
Continental is currently trading at $67.16 up $1.73 on the day. Back in February there was a burst of enthusiasm that got the stock to $97.19.

Devastation in the Bakken Field Oil Stocks (CLR; NFX; EOG; WLL; OAS)
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