Sunday, July 1, 2012

Artificial Intelligence: Why There is No Reason to Fear The Singularity/HAL 9000

From the Los Angeles Times:
Google researchers and Stanford scientists have discovered that if you show a large enough computing system millions of images from random YouTube videos for three days, the computer will teach itself to recognize ... cats.
As the Belfast Telegraph reported:
...Like many people looking for light amusement on the internet, the cyber brain searched for felines completely of its own volition, something scientists say is a major breakthrough.
In the past the machine would have been given certain reference points - such as labelling features - to help it with its search. This time it got no help at all...
From the Twitter commentary on the Google X Lab feat:

Also, Turing was probably not hoping the most impressive AI of 2012 would identify cats in YouTube videos:

How else are they supposed to pass the Purring Test?