Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's Moving: "Molycorp Inc. $22.79 +10.31%" (MCP)

Oh do we have fond memories of this little bugger.
A six week triple in the puts leading up to the end of the IPO lockup. After that a six week triple in the calls following the insider secondary. And another triple a few months later. All out in public.
Do that a few times a year and your investment policy committee gets off your back about the blogging. Links below.
From What's Trading:
Molycorp (MCP) is up $2.21 to $22.87 on surging volume of more than 6 million shares amid strength in the rare earth names after China announced plans to crack down on illegal mining and tighten production levels. Options volume on MCP through Noon ET is 27,000 calls and 6,360 puts. Weekly 23 calls, which are now 13 cents out-of-the-money and expiring in just a few days, are the most actives. 3,500 traded against just 28 contracts in open interest....MORE
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