Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Spain bails itself out"

One thing about having 1300+ feeds in various feed-readers and terminals is the ability to type "Spain" or "España" or "Spanien" and instantly get bucket loads of crappy search results.

Here's one of the better ones, from another of the blogs we read and don't link to often enough.
From Fintag:

 News comments:
The arrogance of Spain and the EU is truly shocking.

If I were Irish I would be livid. Spain's banks are phut and they have been bailed out by the rest of Europe without any austerity package or punishment. As usual, the bankers who are some sort of workers collective have saved their bonuses and pensions once more by acting like a trade union and bullying their paymasters (you and I) to give them more cash. The EU is more communist than North Korea.

However, all is not what it seems as it is worse than that.

The bailout funds (European Financial Stabilisation Facility) are funded by other European countries. The fund / facility lends money to indebted entities like Spanish banks. Isn't it funny that Spain has already guaranteed a commitment of EUR95.5bn to the EFSF and is effectively asking for it back so its banks can be recapitalised....MORE