Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hulbert: "Maybe the best market-timing system ever"

Always keeping in mind the old trader's adage:
As soon as you think you've found the key, they go and change the lock.
From MarketWatch:
Commentary: Successful method is amazingly simple
Chalk up another win for one of the best-performing stock market timing systems of all time.
After neatly sidestepping most of the May-June correction, this system became 100% long during the last week of June — just in time for the explosive rally that soon ensued. 

And, then, the system went back to 100% cash at last Friday’s close, thereby avoiding the big down day that greeted investors on the first trading day of this week. 

What is this timing system with such nimble footwork? 

It is the Seasonality Trading System, which was created by Norman Fosback in the early 1970s. Fosback was president of the Institute for Econometric Research from the early 1970s through the late 1990s, and he currently edits an investment advisory service called Fosback’s Fund Forecaster....MORE