Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ethanol: Brown Forman Loses 75% of Market Cap in One Second (BF.A)

It's appears the terrorists are testing the system.
From ZeroHedge:
While the European economy is imploding, the Chinese are struggling to hide 10% of their GDP in bad debt, and the US is scrambling to come up with a compromise to the debt ceiling, which is so far not even close with only 10 days left until the July 22 deadline (no, it's not August 2), one can be forgiven to forget that the US stock market continues to be nothing short of a crime scene.

We are happy to remind you. Nanex has just spotted today's flash crash du jour, which promptly took $10 billion Brown Forman from $70 to $16.64, a 75%, or $7.5 billion, loss, in about one second....MORE
Via Modern Drunkard Magazine: