Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Mace and Vomit: The Latest in Anti-Pirate Tech"

The pirate business has attracted our attention since the beginnings of the blog.*

Some years ago I had a client company that was invited to pitch some passive security for the White House. The CEO of  the Co. was on the south lawn and commented that except for the guardhouses there wasn't a lot of visible security.

His Secret Service escort agreed that, yes, most of the security was not apparent to passersby but that  he could assure the CEO it was there.
The CEO asked "Like what?" and the Secret Service fellow said there was one non-lethal system he could mention, the microwave.
The CEO asked "What does it do?" and the Treasury man said that if he were an intruder:

First you'd puke
Then you'd shit
Then you'd pass out

The CEO said "oh".

From DangerRoom:
There’s no shortage of ideas on how technology can solve the Somali piracy problem.
Folks have called for zapping pirates with lasers, pounding their eardrums with sonic blasters and spotting them in advance with mini-drones.

Now two companies are offering new solutions to keep pirates at bay: blinding them with pepper spray and incapacitating them by making them hurl.

The maritime security company Shipboard Defense Systems has partnered with the makers of Mace to offer an industrial strength version of the hand-held pepper spray can for merchant vessels. The system, Rainstorm, gives boarding pirates a pressured shower of up to 300 gallons worth of tingly, piquant Mace. The chemical’s effects last for about 45 minutes and include “paralysis of the larynx,” “intense eye irritation” and an “acute burning sensation,” among others.

Another company, Maritime Security Company, LLC, is selling a somewhat similar product as part of a package of anti-pirate defenses. Maritime Security’s Triton Shield system offers ships an increasingly aggressive range of products and services beginning with a network of security cameras.

In the event pirates are able to get close enough to try and board, Triton offers a high-pressure hose system to push them off and an unnamed chemical that, when sprayed onto pirates, makes the vomit. (Triton also provides armed guards and a safe room in the event its other measures fail.)...MORE
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Update: The WSJ's Deal Journal has a comparison of Piracy and Private Equity:
...Geographical investment thesis
Private equity: Bullish on China.
Piracy: Opportunities on the coast of Africa.

Start-up costs

Piracy: Gun, boats, a handful of men, rocket-propelled grenades.
Private equity: Office on Park Avenue.


Private equity: “Internal rate of return,” called IRR.
Piracy: Eerily similar: “Aaar.”>>>MUCH MORE

Indian navy destroys 'pirate ship'