Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Credit Suisse: "Acron 'best bet' among Russian fertilizer groups" (MOS; IPI; POT)

The stock trades "AKRN" on both the LSE and MICEX.
Definitely worth a look by anyone who follows Mosaic, Potash or Intrepid.
From Agrimoney:
Acron looks the best investment among Russian fertilizer groups, despite the boost that a likely $16bn merger is set to give to bigger peers Silvinit and Uralkali, Credit Suisse has said.
The bank said it was "positive" on Uralkali shares, and retained an "outperform" rating for Silvinit, given the potential for valuations of both potash groups to benefit from a tie-up which it considered "only a question time".
However, analysts in Credit Suisse's Moscow office saw the biggest upside in shares of Acron - a seller of all three major nutrients, nitrogen, phosphate and potash - which could enjoy a rally of 40%.
Acron vs Yara 
The bank cited three reasons for its forecast. The first was the buoyant price of nitrogen fertilizers, which were being supported by production hiccups in China and rising costs of natural gas, a key raw material, in Ukraine, and looked set to continue increasing.
The better outlook prompted Credit Suisse to lift by 37%, to $428m, its forecast for Acron's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) next year....MORE