Monday, October 4, 2010

Complimentary Download of Global Data's "Smart Grid Deployment: Boom Time For Service Industry"

From Research Recap:
Selected highlights:
The power industry has traditionally been the market for technology majors such as ABB, Siemens and Areva T&D. The scope of service providers has been limited by the power transmission and distribution systems across the globe.

However, the willingness to improve the service quality of the power delivery mechanism has led to the incorporation of new features in the system. The smart grid aims at improving the involvement of the client in the power delivery mechanism. The services at the consumer end will be vital for customer participation and the improvement of customer satisfaction.

It has emerged as an unexplored market for back office service providers in the area of customer service. The market provides an opportunity for network and field service providers.

Network services will be essential for the smart grid as the assets and customers in a power grid are needed to be linked to the utility. The integration of processes and information across a multitude of systems and applications will require the service of enterprise system vendors in a smart grid.

A major beneficiary will be the metering service providers. A metering service for automated meters and smart meters will require skilled manpower as well as data management services and solutions. The market for advanced meter service providers will expand with the increase in deployment of smart meters across the globe....MORE, including link to the download.