Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Thinking Of Running Some Sort Of Financial Scam? Considering Bringing Your Wife In On The Gig "

From DealBreaker:

So you’re thinking of running a Ponzi scheme are you? Or perhaps a classic pump and dump? Before you dive right in and start stealing people’s money, there’s probably one thing you haven’t thought of, and it’s the key to your success– adding your wife as a member of the team. I know what you’re thinking– women, not good with numbers and stuff and definitely not good at crime. And that’s exactly the point: no one will ever see her coming. Won’t suspect a thing. The experts are backing me up on this thing, which is apparently becoming something of a trend (because it’s genius). Reuters’ Matt Goldstein reports:

“The beauty of these husband and wife cases is that they take advantage of the basic sexism of Wall Street, which is that these women aren’t really smart enough to do this,” said Bill Singer, a securities attorney, who has defended a number of married couples in his day. “But that just isn’t true.”>>>MORE