Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carbon: "Piaget Emperador Temple Diamonds Watch - $3.5 Million"

From Luxist:
piaget emperador
What happens when you have a ziggurat of diamonds on a watch? Well this... For 2010 Piaget has successfully crammed in more diamonds into an Emperador style watch. It is like the difference between Wheaties and Total breakfast cereal. Total has twice (or whatever) the fiber, in the same size bowl! How does Piaget fit that much fiber, err, I mean diamonds into a watch?! Looks like it has over 1200 diamonds all over the watch. Wowy! The secret is the pyramid style "temple" design of the watch case. It actually opens up, twice. First is a little hatch over a smaller mother-of-pearl and diamond watch face. Then the watch opens up again to reveal a large face with an exposed one minute tourbillon and power reserve indicator. With this much surface space, Piaget is able to fits the hundreds of diamonds into the design of the Emperador Temple Diamonds watch....MORE
If you have a more ominous bent, trade three of your new watches for:

$10 Million Doomsday Bunker to Survive the Apocalypse

Luxury DoomsDay Bunker
Whether you're worried about an impending apocalypse in 2012 or just want to be prepared in case of natural disaster, Vivos has created an option for surviving in style. Or at least as stylish as is possible when you're forced to flee to an underground shelter while you wait for the surface to be habitable again.

Vivos is in the process of constructing 10-20 shelters each airtight, totally self-contained, and designed to hold up to 200 people for 1 year. Accommodations in the design are understandably a little cramped (looks like everybody will be sleeping in bunk beds) but there are some roomier lounge and common areas plus amenities like independently generated electricity, running water, sewage disposal, and 'gourmet' food rations....