Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Mount Vesuvius Eruption Could Cause 21,000 Casualties, Economic Losses of $24 Billion" (WSH)

From Willis:
A major eruption of Italy's Mount Vesuvius could result in 8,000 fatalities, 13,000 serious injuries and total economic losses of more than $24 billion, according to a new study supported by the Willis Research Network (WRN) that puts Vesuvius at the top of the list of Europe’s 10 most dangerous volcanoes....

...The WRN European volcano risk ranking below shows the number of people living in the area that could be affected by 25 cm of ash fall in the assumed greatest eruption. It also shows the total residential property value exposed to severe damage or destruction in that eruption, taking into account the total number of dwellings within possible reach of pyroclastic flows or 25 cm ash fall and their full current reconstruction cost. While the Caribbean volcano of Soufrière Saint Vincent is not on European soil, it has been included in the top 10 due to the significant impact that an eruption would have on European territory....MORE

VolcanoCountryAffected populationValues of residences at
risk (US $ billion)
1.VesuviusItaly 1,651,95066.1
2.Campi FlegreiItaly144,1447.8
3.La Soufrière GuadeloupeGuadeloupe, France94,0373.8
5.Agua de PauAzores, Portugal34,3071.4
6.Saint VincentSaint Vincent, Caribbean24,4931.0
7.FurnasAzores Portugal19,8620.8
8.Sete CidadesAzores Portugal17,889 0.7
10. Mt PeléeMartinique, France10,0020.4
The press release juxtaposed this bit:
Willis In History

Did you know Willis was the broker for the first “project finance” coal fired power project to be constructed in China?