Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Peep Show"

The Washington Post just had their fourth annual Peeps diorama contest.
Here's the site.

Here's one of the 2010 submissions:
Goodnight Peep
Goodnight Peep

And a 2009 submission via Urlesque:

M.C. Escher's
M.C. Escher's "RelativiPeep"

The Chicago Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press are also into Peeps, here's an entry from each:


The Chicago Tribune has a Peeps diorama contest called Peeps on Parade. One of the many entries is Octopeeps, a tableau that depicts new babies of mother-of-14 Nadya Suleman.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Peeps”

In this paper-made Land of Oz, these Peeps-on-a-mission have just come to the end of the yellow-brick road in hopes of meeting the Wizard! If they only had some brains... Showcased on; submitted by Kate Braggs. Slide 9.

Not to be left out, the ABA Journal (Peeps in Law):

Twelve Angry Peeps

Twelve Angry Peeps