Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ethanol: "Are You Ready For Beer With 32% Alcohol Content?"

I've got to get back on the (real) ethanol beat one of these days.
In the meantime here's Consumerist:

It could be the biggest thing from the UK to hit American shores since the British Invasion -- or at the very least it could do more harm to a teenager than a Beatles song. A Scottish brewery is slowly unleashing a beer on the former colonies that contains an astounding 32% alcohol by volume.

The beer, called Tactical Nuclear Penguin and made by Scottish microbrewery BrewDog, has shipped a small amount of their potent potable to a handful of stores in California and New York. Additionally, stateside folks are also buying bottles of the beefed-up beer through the BrewDog site....

...One thing that will keep people from throwing back a 32% beer like it's a Bud Lite is the price. One bottle of the Tactical Nuclear Penguin will set you back around $53... per bottle....MORE