Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Order focus: Trina Solar signs deals to supply 8MW of modules to Chinese market, work 2MW project (TSL)

There is something oddly amusing about the class* of the Chinese solars "breaking into" the Chinese market. The stock is up 2 1/2% today, at $47.75.
From PV-tech:
Trina Solar has made progress in its efforts to sell photovoltaic modules to the Chinese domestic market.

The vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer company has signed a new sales agreement to supply approximately 8MW of modules products at predetermined prices, with shipments begun this month and scheduled to continue to the end of the year.

Trina also recently received government approval for a project of approximately 2MW under the Golden Sun program, which aims to install approximately 20 MW of solar power capacity in every province.

Neither the financial terms nor the customer/project specifics of the deals were disclosed.

The company says it continues to monitor opportunities to participate in utility-scale domestic projects, and believes that its strong brand recognition, leading cost platform, and system integration experience will allow it to capture a growing share of China's PV market....MORE
*"Trina Solar Trumps Them All (TSL)"