Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AIG Tangible Common Equity -$162.06 a Share, Analyst Says (AIG)

From MarketBeat:

S&P equity analyst Cathy Seifert reiterated her hold on AIG shares, saying that the concerns about the health of some of the firm’s insurance units — spotlighted yesterday in a note from Sanford Bernstein that sent AIG tumbling – are somewhat offset by the news that AIG had closed on a deal with the New York Fed that effectively slashes the government-controlled insurance giant’s debt to the U.S. taxpayer by $25 billion.

AIG shares are up roughly 11% Tuesday, erasing some of the steep falloff seen Monday.

Still, Seifert noted that as of Sept. 30, the tangible common equity per share was a negative $162.06....