Thursday, May 7, 2009

Carbon: Nevada Corp. I've Never Heard of Announces $20 Mil. LOI from Nevada LLC I've Never Heard Of

From MarketWatch:

Equinox Carbon Equities(TM) Attracts $20 Million Private Investor

Equinox Carbon Equities(TM) announced that GEOSUMMIT, LLC has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase up to 40 percent interest in the company at the price of $20 million dollars. Equinox authorized 200,000 shares of special convertible preferred stock to be designated as $100 each....
...Equinox is an active trader and marketer of environmental commodities in both the voluntary and compliance markets on a world-wide basis. Equinox develops projects through manufacturing environmental commodities, putting them into its retail brokerage, and then in turn, placing those profits into a carbon fund to leverage more project investments by its development company...
...Equinox Carbon Equities(TM) is headquartered in Zephyr Cove, Nev., with project development and brokerage offices in Costa Mesa, Calif. Established as a Nevada Limited Liability Company in February 2008; it became a Nevada Corporation in February 2009....

You heard it here first.
Here's NV Annual Report's free page on GEOSUMMIT.
The Joint Implementation, i.e. European projects under Kyoto, business is the wild west of the carbon biz. See post immediately above "The Bored Whore of Kyoto" and Tuesday's "Carbon Trade: Slovak Environment Minister Dismissed Over Carbon Credit Sale".