Monday, February 9, 2009

Journal Report: Energy Report (Green and Cheap)

This is a lot fluffier than what we get from Mssrs. Ball & Johnson at Environmental Capital, sort of a cross between WSJ The Magazine and Treehugger.
From the Editor's Note:
  • Editor's Note

    In this Journal Report, we identify ways you can be both green and thrifty, how you can be eco-friendly without making these hard economic times that much harder for you. In other words, green and cheap.

Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. These are some of those times....

Here's EC's paragraph on the Journal Report:
A heaping helping of energy stories in the WSJ’s energy report. Among the highlights: Quick paybacks for 10 green projects at home; a look at thin-film solar’s promise and challenges; all about electricity decoupling; Shell’s expensive bet on gas-to-liquids; Australia’s embrace of new uranium mining; misreading the U.S. natural-gas market; and some real-life lessons from Boulder’s experiment with the smart grid.