Friday, February 13, 2009

Insulation Maker Crosses Fingers for Efficiency Mandates (Copenhagen: ROCK-A.CO)

Rockwool International is the parent company of Roxul.
From the NYT's Green Inc. blog:
As insulation maker Roxul Inc. prepares to double its North American production capacity next month with the opening of a $140 million production plant west of Toronto, the company’s president, Trent Ogilvie, wants to see the introduction of home energy labels....

...Roxul’s parent is the Copenhagen-based Rockwool Group, a major player in the $10 billion European insulation market. The $2.3 billion-a-year company specializes in stone wool, a fire- and water-resistant insulation material made from rock that is melted and then spun into fiber-board. Stone wool accounts for about 25 to 30 percent of the European insulation market, but just 5 percent of North America’s, according to Rockwool. Despite the housing slump, Roxul and Rockwool see opportunity for growth in the $7 billion North America insulation market, says Mr. Ogilvie. The drivers include the large number of un-insulated homes and increasingly strict building codes in both the United States and Canada...MORE
I'm not sure if the world is ready for our "Tips on Trading the Insulation Complex".
It resembles what we found in "Stimulus: Tips on Trading the Caulk/Putty/Grout Complex".