Monday, September 8, 2008

Solar Stocks Getting Crushed. And:Dikeman Spouts Off on New Energy

Some mid-day moves:

FSLR down 8.07%
STP down 6.84%
TSL down 5.61%
LDK down 4.87%
SPWR down 4.74%

From Greentech Media:
A founding partner at Jane Capital Partners says new clean technologies are unlikely to rapidly disrupt the energy market. The reasons? Price, risk and profit....

..."People think new energy [technology] is going to be disrupting the whole industry," he said. "It's not. ... People are lying to themselves if they think their technology is game-changing and it isn't."

As an example of how long change usually takes, he pointed to solar technology. The most effective solar technology today is 25-years old, he said.

The biggest problem still is price, he said.

"Oil companies are making 70 percent margins and ethanol companies are making nothing," he said. "If prices fall, ethanol gets shut out first. Wind also is more expensive to produce - five times more expensive than coal. Solar technology is 20 times more expensive than coal. And subsidies are 100 times higher than oil on a per-unit basis.">>>MORE