Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lehman Brothers: Links A/O 4:00 P.M. EDT

A quick roundup of what's crossing on the screens and terminals.
From the Wall Street Journal:
Barclays Walks from Lehman Deal; Likelihood for Transaction Narrows

From the New York Times:
Lehman Heads Toward Brink as Barclays Ends Talks

From BloggingStocks:
Lehman bankruptcy chance spurs emergency derivatives trading session

Let Lehman file for bankruptcy

From Clusterstock:

"Bad Bank" Fix Silly: Lehman (LEH) Should Sell Or File For Bankruptcy

From DealBook:
What a Lehman Bankruptcy Filing Might Look Like

From Market Movers:
Lehman: Is Bankruptcy an Option?

From FT Alphaville: Lehman Links

- The ever-timely Alea has an academic paper on how holders of CDS and other derivatives contracts cannot immediately impose their own rights like other creditors in an insolvency, because of the systemic risk.

- Willem Buiter: “The US Secretary of the Treasury and the responsible parties in the US Congress should be taken away and shot after a fair trial for this dereliction of duty.”>>>MORE