Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurricane Watch: Ike crossing Cuba; Texas next?

From Wunderblog:
Hurricane Ike has made landfall over the western tip of Cuba, and continues its onslaught on that island nation with 80 mph winds, a 4-7 foot storm surge, and heavy rains of 6-12 inches. Key West radar shows that Ike has a tiny 10-mile wide eye, and Ike has hurricane force winds over just a small region near its center. In fact, the 8 am Hurricane Hunter flight was only able to find winds of tropical storm strength, and Ike may be weaker than advertised. Still, the storm has a central pressure of 965 mb, which is a pressure more typical of Category 2 hurricanes....

From Houston's own SciGuy:

Ike still targeting south or central Texas for final landfall

10 a.m. UPDATE: The new official forecast has been nudged ever so slightly to the north, in deference to the European model which has so far done a good job handling Ike.

The hurricane center is also bullish in its 10 a.m. discussion on Ike undergoing a rapid intensification after departing Cuba this afternoon.

Finally, let me say again that the entire Texas coastline needs to continue to watch Ike as there's no certainty yet where the storm will ultimately go.

We'll chat more at 2 p.m.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Ike remains barely a hurricane this morning, with 80 mph winds, and as we're now about four days from landfall we have a somewhat better idea where the storm will come ashore. (Hint: Texas)....MORE